"I was a pupil of this school for almost a decade. It was a rich and fulfilling experience that has shaped who I am today. I now attend one of the worlds leading liberal arts and sciences universities, where I was awarded a large academic scholarship. I attribute much of the success of my application to the profundity of the pedagogical experience that is RSSKL and Waldorf education in general. My teachers continue to be role models in my life". –Dan Ellis

"I was a parent at the school for a total of 23 years. All 3 of my children attended this amazing school all the way from 4 till their late teens. Each one of them is a unique and incredible healthy rounded human being. Thank you RSSKL for supporting their growth into valuable and fully expressed adults". – Michele Kaye

The Rudolf Steiner School provides a comprehensive and well-rounded inter-disciplinary Steiner Waldorf education – Pre-school to A levels – that is permeated with sciences, arts, music and foreign languages. Our pupils develop creative, flexible, independent thinking, thereby preparing themselves for university and successful careers.

For 67 years we have been successfully preparing young people to live fulfilling and rewarding lives. Our spacious 10-acre campus is on the site of a 13th-century royal palace and priory and includes sports fields, a gymnasium, a large theatre, arts and crafts block, pottery and photography lab.