Steiner Waldorf Education
Steiner Waldorf education is one of the fastest growing alternatives to mainstream education.
People the world over are discovering the many benefits of a creative, stress-free education that allows the natural love of learning and creativity we are all born with to flourish.

Allowing children to be children.
Our mixed-age Kindergartens emphasise creative play, practical activities and fostering wholesome values like friendship, caring, and a love of nature.

Teaching the right thing at the right time.
Children begin formal learning at six to seven years old when they engage with a curriculum based on a comprehensive understanding of child development.
As pupils become older their critical thinking capacity naturally expands and the Steiner Waldorf curriculum offers them a challenging and stimulating academic programme integrated with the practical, fine and performing arts.

The Rudolf Steiner School provides a comprehensive and well-rounded inter-disciplinary Steiner Waldorf education – Pre-school to A levels – that is permeated with sciences, arts, music and foreign languages. Our pupils develop creative, flexible, independent thinking, thereby preparing themselves for university and successful careers.

Our pupils achieve GCSE and A level exam results well above the national average and often go on to study at some of the country's leading universities.

For 67 years we have been successfully preparing young people to live fulfilling and rewarding lives. Our spacious 10-acre campus is on the site of a 13th century royal palace and priory and includes sports fields, a gymnasium, a large theatre, arts and crafts block, pottery and photography lab.